About me

With close to a decade of professional experience and over 6 years working as an independent contractor, I have been trusted by companies of all shapes and sizes, from startups to big corporations, to take their client-facing applications to a new level. I have helped my clients build and scale resilient, performant web applications for various use cases through combinations of audits, planning, development, training, and consultancy.

My job is to help companies build performant, highly scalable, and maintainable applications that suit business needs and give them a platform to perfect their product and expand their business. I thrive on being a product-focused engineer, equally comfortable in front of C-level executives as I am in front of a room full of developers.

Most importantly, I am available for hire. My work spans many industries, countries, and formats. From understanding the problem and developing MVPs from scratch to consolidating existing applications while improving performance and avoiding common pitfalls, from advising and consulting with teams to get a handle on their technical needs and limitations to everything else in between. If you need a web application, we'll build you a web application.

If you think I can help you, say hello: I enjoy working with companies of all shapes, sizes, locations, problems, needs, and budgets. I'm professional, but I'm also very laid back. Drop me a line to see if we're a good fit.

Let's work together!

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This website makes use of many great tools and services. These tools and services make my life as a developer much, much simpler and efficient.

The website is built with Astro, an all-in-one web framework designed for speed. The source code is versioned using Git, stored on Github, built blazingly fast by Vite ,and deployed and served via Cloudflare Pages.

The CSS is written in Less and is mixed with Tailwind utility classes with the aim of having the output as lightweight as possible with no downside to maintainability and developer experience.

PageSpeed Insights and SpeedCurve help keep this website fast.

Google Analytics and Hotjar offer valuable insights and metrics that help me make better decisions and write better content.

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